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Be Devine


Hematoma repair in the clinic today by taking punch biopsies to drain the blood, then suturing around the holes to coax the cartilage into growing back together.

If there are no contraindications, using pred as an alternative to surgical repair has been working fabulously in our clinic.

Kitten needs a home 😞 one of our techs found him in a box on the street. We named him Velcro. 😝

Kitten needs a home 😞 one of our techs found him in a box on the street. We named him Velcro. 😝

Acupuncture for pets. Left is one day before first acupuncture session. Middle is one day after his first treatment. On the right is a Yorkie getting treated for behavioral problems.

She got bit while intubating

She got bit while intubating

OATP on my baby yesterday. Some stage 2 tooth resorption on her first premolars and some abrasion here and there but other than that they’re perfect ☺️

Joey the mountain lion had an oral nasal fistula, extensive tooth resorption and was missing a canine. Generally animals get ONFs from improper extraction site closing of the upper canine.

Last patient of the day. Top Cat 3y/0 tiger. Two fractured canines and a fractured incisor. Root canaled all three. Recovered perfectly. Tomorrow were planning to do a mountain lion two tigers and maybe a bear. πŸ˜€ it’s been a productive day.

Second patient. Meira. 14 y/o mountain lion. Chronic bleeding from her nose. Couldn’t find a cause for the bleeding. Found two fractured canines so we root canaled both. Took chest, hips and paw xrays. She recovered well.

First patient. Mufasa 19 y/o lion. Bloody lesion on the chin. Xrays looked like some type of osteoma (maybe fibrosarcoma or squamous cell carcinoma) we’ll see what the path says.

These two came into work today. I want them both for reasons.