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Be Devine

Exotic animals

So. I have been called upon for another mission in Indiana at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary (never been to this one only EFRC). So far our patient list includes three tigers one lion one leopard and a black bear. I’m pretty excited about the bear since I’ve never worked on one ☺️. It should be fun. I’ll be flying out the weekend of the 28th of this month to work on these lovely animals. Expect lots of pictures.

Vet tech rant

Two technicians were on vacation and one technician called out. Leaving only two techs for the day. We are a 4 vet practice and a referral clinic. We are extremely busy. Not just with outpatients but with anesthetic procedures. There were 5 anesthetics (1 OATP, 2 spay w/RDT, 1 crown recheck, 1 referral fx canine and OATP) the referral was an “emergency” root canal and came in at 4pm. (Woke the dog up at 7:16pm). I can deal with a busy day (even though 5 is not a lot, again only two techs and multiple outpatients) We do this all the time. But Sunday I’ll be teaching 25 technicians from other practices how to take college conformed dental X-rays. I was supposed to be preparing. Eh. I’m thinking I’ll wing it 😉